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Which interventions transform organisations?

Trainers: Mona Shair-Wloch & Martine Alonso Marquis

Workshop Description
09:00 - 12:00

You will first learn to observe your organisation from a holistic and systemic view, which will help you to pinpoint which aspect of the organisation you want to change. Then, you will learn how you can become a powerful change agent by making a practical plan. After this hands-on module, you will walk away with a clear plan for the organisational change you want to implement. 

Workshop Location
This workshop is on Zoom

This workshop is taught online with a live facilitator. You can enter the Zoom room with the following link:

To join the webinar, please click here.

Meeting-ID: 951 0216 1872
Passcode: 654552

What you'll need
Materials and set up

1. Computer with a functioning camera (so we can see you)
2. Pen and paper
3. A nice quiet place to dial in from

Prepare for your workshop

1. Pick a successful transformation/change process you have experienced at Accor.

Reflect on the following questions:

What was changed, introduced, adapted or transformed?

  • What were the keys to success?

  • What approach/methodology was used? 

2. Reflect on what transformation you would like to bring about in your organisation.

Weekly Actions
Activities and challenges for the week
Everything you need to complete the course
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