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Facilitator, Trainer & Coach

>>> M.Sc. Public Policy & Human Development from Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, Certified Trainer & Business Coach from Business Trends Academy.

in Short

Nils was born in Berlin and graduated from the United Nations University in Maastricht with a Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development. He has lived and worked in various countries across the world including the UK, France, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and India. Throughout his educational and professional career he has focused on educational innovation and development. In diverse positions, both at home and abroad, he has been in charge of designing, planning and implementing educational programmes and workshops for universities, schools, NGOs and the private sector. Most recently he has become a certified trainer and business coach.


Training methods and workshop design for diverse clients and audiences, communication and coordination, conceptual design and content support.


Maastricht University (The Netherlands), Initiative for New Learning (Germany), Business Trends Academy (Germany), Association of German Argentinian Schools (Argentina), German Embassy (Peru).

Nils Reubke: Team
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