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Coach, Facilitator & Content Creator

<<<<<Bachelor of Arts in Educational Sciences with a focus on sociology, psychology, and media didactics; certified Executive and Management Coach by the University of Cape Town; certified by the University of Cambridge (Communicating for Influence & Impact), Yale School of Management (Executive Education: Leadership), Harvard Business School (Negotiation Mastery), Stanford University School of Medicine (Psychology for High Performance), Oxford University (Lean Six Sigma Leadership, Design Thinking Practitioner, Agile Project Management), The Predictive Index (PI Practitioner) and holder of various other systemic continuing education courses with a focus on strategy and organizational development, leadership, conflict management and shame. >>


in Short

As a passionate systems thinker, Marina believes that culture is something we actively and constantly create together, mainly influenced by how we think, feel, and behave and how these three things are interconnected. With her work she aims to empower clients to challenge their stories, emotions, narratives, and belief systems to better master ourselves and, thus, reach a deeper level of trust, connection, belonging and joy.
Working in the corporate world (Human Resources) for many years, she has her roots in leadership positions in retail. Driven by her purpose to explore the very best in ourselves and each other so that, together, we create equal opportunities, she is advocating for sharing what we have been privileged to learn to collectively gain on every level.


More than a decade of experience in people and organizational development as well as in facilitation, training and coaching and in the conception and implementation of human, talent, and leadership development initiatives (including the visualization of content with Adobe Illustrator & InDesign). Marina always worked in a national and international context.

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