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Who is key2advance

key2advance is a passionate community of coaches, trainers and facilitators who share a common vision to provide cutting-edge, tailored and heartfelt professional coaching and training services to help our clients advance towards their goals.

key2advance’s success and personal connections with their clients comes from the growing network of contributors. More akin to a community than an agency, each contributor brings their unique experience along with a shared passion to co-create and desire to build on strengths. As the world changes, key2advance remains committed to adapt and enrich their offerings to provide their clients dynamic services to reach their goals, with heart. 

How it all started

key2advance emerged as founder and director Mona Shair-Wloch professionalized her passion for helping people reach their potential. All her workshops began the same way: recognizing needs and trends, identifying what gaps exist within her training, researching current methodology and practices before harnessing her creative energy to build enriching and entertaining ways to address those needs. 


Today key2advance has grown to a multi-disciplinary organization featuring dozens of sharp contributors who work with a wide range of corporate, academic, diplomatic, and public sector clients. But their humble beginnings first saw Mona advising fellow students in her living room on everything from their career choices, on how to improve their CV’s, and master the art of networking. Her first workshop “What is your dream job and how to get it?” was commissioned by her Alma mater, the Brussels School of International Studies. Incorporated in 2007, key2advance soon became the university’s formal career support service provider, helping graduates navigate and succeed in the competitive European Union internship and the job market. key2advance is thrilled to count 10 academic institutions including the United Nations University, the College of Europe, and the European Academy of Diplomacy in their portfolio. 


Believing that “luck is when opportunity meets preparation”, key2advance’s foray into the corporate world came after a senior manager in the hospitality industry by chance attended one of their early public speaking workshops. Impressed by the cutting-edge and professional content, they were brought in to deliver workshops within the company’s teams and provide one-on-one coaching with their top executives. key2advance’s approach of humanizing business soon found fans in leaders wanting support to fine-tune the interpersonal and emotional needs of their managers and teams in healthy and constructive ways. Today, key2advance proudly works with many international corporate players including Accor, Marriott International, Grünenthal, and the Beeline Group. 

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