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When working with leaders, it is our goal to transmit effective methods and strategies to help build, develop and strengthen our clients´ individual resilience on a physical, mental and emotional level. During these seminars, we help our clients identify their sources of stress, learn to read their own signals and set healthy boundaries in their professional and personal lives.

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Self-awareness leads to self-management


We all find ourselves in stressful situations from time to time. Whether at work, during our studies, or when life throws nasty surprises at us. This is normal. But, when does it become problematic? When are people in danger of stress becoming distress and a danger to our health and what do we need to do to avoid this? This workshop gives basic insights into what stress is, where it comes from, and the negative effects it can have. Participants will also identify their stress sources and gain tips on how to better manage these.


This two-day stress management workshop helps participants devise strategies and behavioural patterns to improve recovery, reduce stress, and enhance overall performance. Participants will learn how to identify their stress related physical and mental symptoms and how to better manage them. Themes include work-life balance, nutrition and mindfulness. The workshop consists of indoor and outdoor activities, whilst also offering participants time in the group and individually with both trainers.

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“I would absolutely recommend this training to other teams! My team is important and we need to perform well, which is why we decided to book a body & mind training with Mona and Patrick. The team left inspired, positive and more informed on how to take care of their physical and mental performance in addition to finding a balance between life and work.“

Thomas Willms
Deutsche Hospitality
& Steigenberger Hotels AG


“The style of both trainers has been fantastic! They struck a perfect balance between individual and group sessions that helped us increase self-awareness of how to improve our performance, which in turn positively influences the team performance.“

Andrea Konert
Area Director Human Resources
Luxury Brands Western & Eastern Europe Marriott International

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Resilience Retreat for Leaders
In our exclusive retreat "Paths to Resilience for Managers" in Germany (October 27-31, 2021) we provide strategies and measures for better resource management and for coping with daily requirements.
27. Okt. 2021, 10:00
Hofgut Georgenthal,
Georgenthal 1, 65329 Hohenstein, Deutschland
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Resilience: Kundenbewertungen

Nadine Geupel
Regional Manager
beeline Concessions GmbH


"A stunning and inspiring seminar that I can only recommend to everyone! Through the unique combination of body, mind and soul, realistic ways to resilience are found that can also be integrated into daily business.“


People primarily in management positions who want to regroup, orientate and align themselves after, before or during an intensive period of work in order to optimally use their resources and their performance, professionally and privately, and thus their physical, mental and emotional resistance - their resistance to stress - to increase. We support you in finding answers to these questions: How do I recognize my stress limit and stress symptoms in time? What do I need to increase my resilience? How do I integrate what I have learned into my professional and private life?

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Stress management should also be carried out on a physical level, not just a psychological or mental level. In addition to the individual adjustment of the diet, this includes the optimal selection of micronutrients and the setting of restful sleep. We use a neurotransmitter test and a survey to assess personal needs. These provide information about the individual measures for stress reduction and takes into account the biochemistry and the stress reaction of the brain. In addition to the test, we check the heart rate variability, which reveals the load on the heart and enables stress reduction via biofeedback. In this way, we connect the body, brain, and heart, which primarily react to stress and should therefore always be the goal of a successful stress management program. The combination of analysis and stress reduction techniques at the neural level creates the greatest possible effect. Managers in particular suffer from high levels of stress, which is noticeable on the physical level.


You don't become resilient "overnight". Achieving this ability begins with taking your time and reflecting. Easier said than done when you have a busy schedule. Therefore, it will be an important part of this week to identify, name, and maybe even "update" your own beliefs. If, for example, the goal is to "take more time off" but at the same time believe that "only those who work a lot will be successful", a conflict arises. In order to achieve resilience, one should also be able to recover from "bad" decisions. This begins with the ability to know yourself, to sharpen your own emotional intelligence, and to be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses. We will also teach mindfulness methods that have been scientifically proven to effectively support personality development and develop positive effects on perception, concentration, and attention, memory, but also performance and crisis resistance.

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By “soul” we mean the poetic and metaphorical approach to our determination of life, which is often and sometimes unconsciously reflected in our deepest needs and longings. If we suppress or do not live our "soul", for example, because we have to meet the requirements of everyday life - have to function - this leads to disharmony in our own experience and behavior. In the long run, we get out of our inner balance and are no longer in “spiritual” equilibrium. The "soul" is also our connection to our natural environment, not only to our social life, such as family, friends, and others. An "alienation from the soul", which also been confirmed by scientific research, leads to a low level of resilience and even psychological and physical illnesses. In this part of the seminar, we will ask questions such as "What are my wishes and longings?", "How do I live my needs?", "Where is my place in my private and professional life?", "How can I nourish my soul?" and use various methodological approaches to look for answers and ways to increase our resilience.


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