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Facilitator, Mediator & Coach

>>> Certified Coach from the Advanced Studies Association at the University of Kiel, Germany; certified Systemic Moderator from the German Akademie für Systemische Moderation; Master’s of Nutritional Science from the German University of Applied Science, Mönchengladbach; scholarship for six-month exchange at Washington State University, USA during master’s studies

in Short

Since Claudia’s professional beginning, communication has been her core business (marketing/PR). Over the years, interpersonal communication has become her passion. Building on her 23 years in food and medical industries and 12 years of leadership of global teams in an international corporation, she now accompanies teams and individuals in change and developing processes with coaching, training and consulting. With her talent for gaining a quick feeling and understanding of a situation, Claudia works effectively on breaking through current roadblocks. She believes that individuals must work on themselves before modifying how they work with others. Therefore, self-reflection is the core and starting point of any successful change. Claudia works with teams on collaboration topics, ranging from soft factors such as re-building trust to hard factors such as identifying and filling gaps in workflows. Conflict moderation at every hierarchy level is also part of her offering. She acts as a trainer to develop individuals in leadership programs, or to introduce systemic moderation skills. Claudia is a native German speaker; due to her international working experience, she is also fluent in English.


Consulting, moderation, training and coaching for teams and individuals in change processes including team building, conflict moderation, and workflow consultancy on the operational level


BSN medical, Stern Wywiol Group, 5N Plus, Fraunhofer Institute, EMB Colibri, IHK zu Lübeck, VIVA3D, Op de Wisch

Claudia Büring: Team
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