Content Developer & Brand Strategist

>>> B.A. in Marketing and Communications from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. M.A. in Digital Marketing and Communications from Rome Business School. 


In Short
Natasha joined key2advance to help others find their voice and master effective communication. What she brings to key2advance is the art of storytelling and creating personal or corporate marketing strategies. She also enjoys helping others put ideas into words and creating relationships with customers through inbound marketing.


Prior to this current role, Natasha held leading digital marketing and branding roles for companies across industries. These include Open Social, a tech company that develops online community software for nonprofit organizations, Mars One, a not-for-profit foundation that wants to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars, and Makro Nederland, an international chain of wholesale stores.


While originally from Germany and The Netherlands, Natasha has lived in over 10 different countries in Africa and Europe and speaks English, German, and Spanish.


Storytelling, Marketing, Branding, Content Creation, Personal Development, Well-Being


Erasmus University of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Rome Business School (Italy) 


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