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Trainer & Project Manager

>>> B.A. in Healthcare Management, former professional musical actress, singer, and performer

in Short

Karolin is a highly skilled consultant and trainer with a strong background in IT project management. She has extensive experience working with multiple companies in the healthcare and public sectors, acquiring valuable management skills.

Moreover, Karolin's proficiency as a professional singer and musical actress has greatly influenced her work. Her education has equipped her with exceptional public speaking, presentation, and phonetic skills. By merging her analytical and creative strengths, Karolin helps individuals discover their unique voice and employ it as a potent tool for self-expression.

Furthermore, Karolin recognizes the interconnection between voice and body and works with her clients on integrating body language and movement into their communication. With her broad range of expertise and multidisciplinary approach, Karolin is an engaging trainer and consultant, enabling individuals to unlock their full potential.


public speaking, presentation, training, project management

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