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Coaching is for anyone who is going through a period of transition and development in their personal or professional life and wants guidance to take the next step with an external, qualified and non-judgemental coach. We have experience working with senior leaders, managers, young professionals, entrepreneurs and graduates.

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Learn about our one-on-one support


key2advance recognizes that in today’s competitive business environment every team member needs to be self- motivated and capable of performing at maximum potential. This type of coaching is based on a collaborative relationship between the executive, a relevant manager, a relevant human resources manager, and the executive coach.


Personal coaching is a powerful process that supports people in achieving their potential and making changes in their lives. Coaching does this by shedding light on the beliefs and thoughts that tend to interfere with what we set out to do. In each session, new motivation and awareness are created to help the client move one step closer to their goals.

Online Coaching

94.3% of coaching sessions are done over the phone and are just as effective as face-to-face coaching. (Source: ICF) Clients enjoy these types of sessions due to their flexibility and convenience. Our coaching languages are English, German, Arabic, Dutch, French, and Norwegian.

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“Thanks to individual coaching sessions with Mona, I better understand how to manage conflict and have developed my communication and stress management skills. Mona built up great trust between us since the first moment we met, and I opened myself up to her in order to get the most benefit from our sessions. She is always reachable, always easy to communicate with, and I do not think that I could work so well with anybody else.”

Alper Can Bulcum
General Manager
The St. Regis Istanbul


“Mona guided and trained our HIA Fellows for 8 years with great professionalism and passion. She succeeded in supporting our young leaders and contributed immensely to their personal and professional growth.”

Antje Scheidler
International Director of European Programmes Humanity in Action Deutschland e.V.

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“Directing attention toward where it needs to go is a primal task of leadership.” - Daniel Goleman



Developed and tested at Google, Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is a world premier mindfulness-based leadership training program. The retreat-like, highly interactive and experiential training blends mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to awaken the best in people and organisations. 


Our trainer is an official and certified SIY teacher.

As of 2020, SIY has moved hundreds of companies and over 50,000 individuals around the world, taking their leadership and collaboration to new levels of effectiveness, purpose, and meaning. SIY is a results-driven experience designed to inspire well-being, collaboration, high performance and conscious leadership. It is offered in its signature version as a 2-day live program followed by a four-week online journey and a participants webinar, as a 1-day program, a half-day program or as a keynote.“

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Karen Hattenbach
Education Programme Manager United Nations University  - EHS Bonn

“Mindfulness practice helps me to take more care of myself and improve my interactions with people around me. “Search Inside Yourself” has given me the tools to stop, breath and think, gain control and find my balance more easily.”

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