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Trainer, Coach & Advisor

>>> Coaching C-Level management in the European tourism industry in 2020 and 2021. 20+ years of management experience and business and team development. Founded two offices in DACH and has experience coaching teams and consulting companies. Provided external training in 2008 for NPS practitioners (Alwart + Team, Hamburg) and Business Coaching (V.I.E.L. Coaching + Training Hamburg) in 2019/20.


In Short

Achim has 20+ years of experience in management, starting as a data analyst and subsequently moving into business development. He started two businesses from scratch, built teams, and lead teams to ultimate success and achievement.


Coaching and leadership have naturally become a part of this journey and eventually lead to a stronger coaching focus outside his current company. He is an empathic listener and enjoys helping others identify challenges and building sustainable strategies.


He has a deep understanding of team dynamics, cultural challenges in larger organizations, and the ability to unlock potential to achieve strong business goals paired with personal and team development.


Achim has worked for and with many large organizations and built his own businesses successfully within highly complex organizational structures and cultural differences. He enjoys communicating with all levels, from CEOs and senior executives to middle management and bigger teams. Achim is also a grateful father who admires his kids as his best natural-born advisers in life.


Achim has a wide range of business and team-leading experiences and has started providing external coaching for other companies and the private sector. He focuses on team dynamics and personal development, performance achievement, digital transition/change management, conflict resolution, and leadership.



BSH, Kärcher, Trivago, Lufthansa, Etihad, HRS, Hilton, Sennheiser, Teufel, Tchibo, McDonalds, Beiersdorf, Henkel, Nestlé, Swarovski and many others

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