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Transfer Enabler, Coach, and Trainer

>>> Certified Business and Systemic Coach (BDVT), Certified Business Trainer (BDVT), Certified Transfer Designer (Institute for Transfer Effectiveness), Certified Emergenetics Associate (Emergenetics International), Certified Occupational Health Manager (BBGM)


In Short

Susanne’s vision is for Learning & Development professionals everywhere to embed learning transfer into their code of conduct. Her mission is to bring more transfer into the learning & development world. She is passionate about accompanying people on their quest to move from knowing to doing to performing. Unlocking potential, optimizing for transfer, adding value, and putting customers first are values she represents.

Before starting her own business, Susanne spent the bulk of the 30+ years of her professional life as a trainer in managed and franchised hotel environments and knows the industry well from both an operational and the corporate side. She is a seasoned authentic professional, known to foster relaxed and inspiring learning environments while taking an open-minded and pragmatic approach. As a coach, she provides a safe space and thought-provoking questions designed to explore and uncover solutions. A firm believer in the power of successful transfer, she is dedicated to accompanying people through change to achieve their goals and delivers results. Susanne also supports team/individual professional/leadership development using Emergenetics profiling (measuring thinking and behavioral preferences) resulting in improved communication, collaboration, and engagement.

As a native German growing up in North America, Susanne’s traveled to 30-some countries mainly in Europe and the Middle East throughout her career, gaining invaluable intercultural experiences whilst working with diverse people from hotel owners or general managers to front-line team members.


Transfer design; coaching (business, systemic, managerial, transfer); mentoring; training and facilitation around leadership, customer service, resilience, change management, team-, personal- and self-development, train the trainer/the coaches, occupational health; and Emergentics profile debriefing and workshop facilitation.


German and English


Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Management Partners International, HOSPITALITY360, Hello Fresh, Volkshochschule München Nord.

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