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Coach, Trainer & Content Developer

>>> MA in Psychology (specialized in Economic Psychology) from University of Warsaw

in Short

Karolina Osiak has joined the key2advance team to follow her biggest passion: making a positive change by supporting people in living the lives they desire. Her coaching skills, certified by Erickson International, and her psychology background, help her get great results doing so.


Karolina is passionate about helping shape the leaders of tomorrow through fundamental leadership practices like self-development, team building, and inclusivity. She also supports the growth and development of teams with coaching and workshops.

She is committed to a wide variety of social initiatives: she co-founded a foundation aimed at youth empowerment and education, volunteered at home and abroad, and took part in the Humanity in Action Fellowship.

Apart from Poland, Karolina has lived in Belgium, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Spain, and Taiwan. She is fluent in Polish and English and has a good command of Spanish and German.


Life and business coaching for diverse clients and audiences, branding, training methods and workshop design


TripActions (Netherlands/US), University of Warsaw (Poland), FOX International Channels (Poland), Positive Impact Center (Poland), Thermaflex International (the Netherlands), WHY5Research (Belgium), TravelBird (Netherlands), Humanity in Action (Poland)

Karolina Osiak: Team
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