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Which  mindset would allow me to lead?

Trainers: Mona Shair-Wloch (in person)

Workshop Description
09:00 - 12:00

If leaders have one thing in common, it’s the need to constantly make decisions. In this workshop, we will demonstrate how mindfulness allows individuals to create the space to take in relevant information, objectively assess options, and make more effective decisions. We will also be exploring other concepts linked to effective decision-making in times of transformation.

Workshop Location
What you'll need
Materials and set up

1. Pen and paper

2. Water

Prepare for your workshop

To ensure that you get the most out of these sessions, we kindly ask you to complete a questionnaire prior to this module. The questionnaire is for you to self-reflect on your mindset as a leader up until now. The questionnaire consists of 35 multiple choice questions and is expected to take about 30-40 minutes to complete. Please take the questionnaire when you have the space to focus.

Important: Honest self-reflection is crucial for the success of this questionnaire. Because this questionnaire relies on the method of self-assessment, the validity of the outcome will highly depend on your capacity for answering with integrity. Please take a screenshot of the final result; this will be explained during the workshop. The results will not be shared openly but serve as a good starting point for your coaching relationship.

Weekly Actions
Activities and challenges for the week
Everything you need to complete the course
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