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Perfecting your CV for the international/European market

Trainer: Sarah Sommer

Workshop Description

Due to a large number of applications and limited job or internship opportunities, employers pay special attention to the candidate’s first “marketing tool” - their CV. This workshop is for anyone who would like to polish their CV and give it a competitive edge, whilst still being authentic. Our team offers tailored versions suitable for BA, MA and PhD students. Participants also learn about the advantages and differences of the chronological and euro-pass CV formats.

Workshop Location
This workshop will take place on Zoom


This workshop is taught online.

To join please click here.

Meeting ID: 870 3459 4967

Passcode: 622948

Individual Sessions
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Sarah Sommer has led the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) of the Network of European Foundations (NEF) as Programme Director for eight years. EPIM is a collaborative programme of private foundations which funds European NGOs for their advocacy work on migration issues. Sarah is based in Berlin but well-connected to public and private organisations and institutions working on migration, human and social rights in Brussels as well. Previously, Sarah worked in Berlin for a number of governmental and non-governmental institutions, including the Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs and the German Parliament. Sarah can advise students interested in: migration and human rights, non-governmental/advocacy work, management.

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