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>>> MSc Psychology, Diploma in Sports Science, Sports physiotherapist

in Short

After graduating with an MSc Psychology, Patrick began working as a health care professional helping obese children. Thereafter, he switched from 'mind' to 'body' and studied sports science at the German Sports University Cologne. During his time as a fitness professional, he began working with different kinds of athletes and developed his own unique training system which focuses on neurophysiology. He created a series of trainings for both managers and competitive sportsmen concentrating on quality of performance, recovery and fatigue management. Patrick has been teaching since 2010 and has educated over 1000 personal trainers.


Training and in the fields of Health consulting, personal fitness, weight loss management, recovery and sleep optimization, neuroathletic coaching, functional medicine and nutrition.


Eintracht Braunschweig, German National Beach Soccer Team, Grizzly Adams Ice Hockey Team, Linzenich Fitnessgruppe, Health City International, Fitness First Germany GmbH, HDD Holding bv

Patrick Meinart: Team
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