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How to build a High Performing Team?

Trainers: Mona Shair-Wloch (in person)

Workshop Description
09:00 - 12:00

Creating high-performing and sustainable teams is one of the key leadership challenges. This workshop bundles the theory and practice behind understanding the cycle of team’s performance and the role of a manager throughout it. Using self-reflection, quizzes, as well as interactive experiments, we will work on better understanding of our team’s and how we as leaders can facilitate their journey.

Workshop Location

This workshop is on Zoom.

This workshop is taught online with a live facilitator.

To join the webinar, please click here.

Meeting ID: 951 0216 1872

Passcode: 654552

Activities and challenges for the week

Please read the instructions carefully (most important to only use 4,3,2,1 once next to each option, which means you will need to prioritise which response is most likely). 

  1. After filling out this first questionnaire (9 questions):

  2. You receive a six-digit code, which you then need to enter via this link

  3. Please take a screenshot of the final result, which you need to bring to the workshop.

Weekly Actions
Activities and challenges for the week

1. Self-reflection: Take a look at your team right now. 


  • At which stage are they in?

  • What are the challenges they are experiencing?

  • What can you as a leader support them in? 

  • Which color energy would you want to activate?

2. Self-reflection: Constructive conflict is key for developing high-performing teams, yet it is usually the most challenging element to encourage.


  • Diagnose constructive conflict in your team.

  • What is going well?

  • What could be improved?

  • How can you as a leader encourage more constructive conflict in your team?

Everything you need to complete the course
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