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How to organise myself to lead effectively?

Trainers: Karolina Osiak & Martine Alonso Marquis 

Workshop Description
09:00 - 12:00

In this workshop, you will enrich your self-organization toolbox with techniques for working more effectively. We zoom in on the productivity challenges you and your team are experiencing, leaving you with concrete tools for getting more out of your day. Using self-reflection, group discussions, as well as engaging experiments, we will work on boosting your planning, focus, and prioritisation skillset.

Workshop Location
This workshop is on Zoom

This workshop is taught online with a live facilitator. You can enter the Zoom room with the following link:

To join the webinar, please click here.

Meeting ID: 951 0216 1872

Passcode: 654552

What you'll need
Materials and set up

1. Computer with a functioning camera (so we can see you)
2. Pen and paper
3. A nice quiet place to dial in from

Prepare for your workshop

To prepare for the workshop, please take the following assessment of your organisational style.

Weekly Actions
Activities and challenges for the week
Everything you need to complete the course
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