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Psychological Scientist, Researcher, & Content Developer

>>>  Scientist and Content Developer with an academic background in Educational Science, B.A. University of Cologne, B.Sc. Germany in Psychology & Sociology, at the University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany & M.Sc., Developmental Psychology, Maastricht University, Netherlands.

Laura is a psychologist and is interested in the intersection between developmental neuroscience, clinical psychology, and cognitive science. Her research expertise in subtype dimensions of attention disorders and the investigation of new mental health disorders, which are not yet integrated into psychiatric manuals (e.g., DSM-5). Future career plans: Ph.D., followed by a psychotherapist trainee in in-depth/analytical psychology. 


In Short

Laura is 24 years old and was born and raised in Aachen, Germany. Within 2,5 years, she moved to Michigan/Detroit, USA, with her family and lived there until she entered school, which she then completed in Pulheim, Germany. She studied in Koblenz, Cologne, and Maastricht.

Laura agrees with the statement: "Communication is key", and believes that by working in a team, it is possible to develop new solutions that are superior to the results of a single idea. Humans are capable of constructively redirecting the world if they focus properly and have the right attitude. The underlying creative processes that influence and shape the quality of a result do, however, differ between individual achievement and collective goals and direct solutions.

One-on-one brain mapping took place yesterday. Multidimensional perspectives are necessary for a dynamic and motivated team to realize its full potential. Together, a team with a genuine interest in learning, curiosity, and intellectual enrichment increases their value to the individual and the majority (Laura, 2022).


Research on topics such as leadership, diversity, and inclusion, the application of psychology (coaching) to high performance, conflict resolution, and resilience, good social/communication skills, and excellent analytical thinking.


German and English


Transparenz Jugendbrücke, Key2advance, SDG-Challenge 2022, Maastricht Excellence Masters Honors Program, University of Cologne, University of Koblenz Landau, Maastricht University.