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Finding the dream job

Trainer: Martin van der Pas (in person)

Workshop Description
13:00 - 15:00

This workshop is for anyone who would like to learn more about their strengths, reflect on their passions and learn how to conduct informational interviews. At the end of this guided reflection, participants will have a better foundation for writing their CVs and cover letters. This workshop is recommended for anyone wishing to embark on a successful job-hunt or career change.

Workshop Location
BSIS Auditorium
What you'll need

1. Pen and paper

2. Water

Individual Sessions
Register for a career advising session with Martin van der Pas

Martin will be offering individual career advising sessions following his workshop.​

Martin van de Pas is a growth facilitator with the mission to support young people in shaping their unique life journey. At key2advance he uses his academic business background to develop content around various topics including leadership. As certified coach and trainer he also works closely with clients in their development.


Martin is the founder of Realize, a company that works with educational institutions to support adolescence in creating their life through workshops and coaching. With programme’s such as the ‘Vision Workshop’ and ‘Your Career Path’ he has helped many to identify their authentic career path. 

"In our session, I won’t be giving you advice. I believe that YOU are the one holding the answers. Therefore, as a certified coach, I will create the space for you to come to your own conclusions. You will leave feeling empowered and clear."

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