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>>> Military Pilot, former Jet Fighter Pilot, Flight Instructor UAV, Human Factors Tainer, Flight Safety Officer, Operations Officer (Einsatzoffizier)

in Short

Christian is a pilot and officer in the German Air Force. After completing the jet fighter pilot training at the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training School he flew the F-4F Phantom. Currently he is flying unmanned aerial vehicles as well as the commercial jet, Citation CJ1+, at Lufthansa Aviation Training. His extensive combat experience comes from over 500 days of deployment to Afghanistan.

Growing up in Germany, United Kingdom and USA his multiculturel background gives him the necessary special sensibility that today’s world demands.

The vast majority of aircraft and different operational procedures have contributed to his experience and knowledge of diverse crew concepts. As a human factors trainer, Christian has followed his personal interest in learning to understand the demands and influences of today’s crews and teams. Taking his ten years of Mutli Crew Concept experience into the training environment, he coaches to develop the competence necessary for leadership and teamwork in highly complex and time sensitive scenarios in the cockpit or office. Striving to use the full range of resources of your team - always ready for takeoff.


Coaching, Communication, Leadership and Teamwork, Decision making, Evaluation of human performance


Lockheed Martin Germany, German Air Force

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